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Charlotte NC - Home to Many Exciting Attractions

Jul 24

A burgeoning hub for industry and commerce, Charlotte NC is home to many exciting attractions. From its soaring skyline to its vibrant neighborhoods, this North Carolina city offers something for every type of visitor. Expert towing company near me.

From the equestrian statue of Captain James Jack, who led the Catawba Natives in a Revolutionary War skirmish, to the ten-story hotel built by textile magnate R. Horace Johnston in 1924, the city has a rich history to explore. The city has also commissioned more than a few statues, such as The Spirit of Mecklenburg, the larger-than-life equestrian statue of Revolutionary War hero Captain James Jack; Jane Wilkes, who worked to improve health care in the 1800s; Thaddeus Tate, a leader of African American entrepreneurship and philanthropy; and William Henry Belk, an industrialist who made his fortune in the clothing business.

In the 1920s, a network of paved highways converged on Charlotte and helped the city to grow as a regional wholesaling center and a trucking hub for the southeastern United States. At the same time, new department stores like Iveys and Efirds enlarged their downtown presence and banks, including the city’s flagship First National Bank building, built larger, grander locations.

The city’s growth continued into the post-war era. Its rate of expansion dropped somewhat in the late teens as U.S. entry into World War I put a stop to civilian construction, but by the mid-1940s Charlotte had pulled far ahead of Raleigh in population and was clearly a real city with a diversified economic base that included banking, power generation and wholesaling as well as manufacturing. A ring of suburbs expanded around the city, too, and middle class areas like Maryland and Sterling streets on the edge of Myers Park began to develop.

Music became a big part of life in Charlotte in the 1920s and 1930s when Victor Records, later RCA Victor, sent field teams south to record early country music stars like the Carter Family and Grand Old Opry star Uncle Dave Macon. In addition, the city’s booming mill workers were eager audiences for the popular musical acts of the day.

Today, Charlotte continues to build a future for its residents with an emphasis on innovation and quality of life. In the heart of downtown, skyscrapers pierce the skies, amidst a mix of historical buildings and modern museums. Neighborhoods feature a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shopping options. From hip, artsy boutiques to old-fashioned Southern eateries, Charlotte has a diverse culinary scene for any taste. In the evening, head to the Uptown entertainment district where you can find a multitude of bars and clubs to enjoy a night out.


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